How to stop being lazy and be productive

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Looking for ways to stop being lazy, and instead productive. First rule? Stop saying it, instead do it. Second rule:Commitment.

The habit of being lazy is something that can be very bad, it doesn’t make us progress, if you are lazy you can’t be productive,as a student you want to pass in flying colors, as an entrepreneur you want to achieve more, as human beings we all want to be successful but laziness is like a policeman in the middle of the road telling you “Hey, where do you think you are going to, come on,stay where you are”.If you are lazy, you will find yourself in a position whereby you see things that needs management and attention but you just ignore it. 

We all find ourselves in situations like this and we really want to change it. Highly achieving and successful men and women, understands that laziness is a prerequisite to failure,and they find an effective way of dealing with it. In this post I am going to share with you few tips on how to stop being lazy and start being productive, here I won’t bore you with stories,I will try as much as possible to make it short and concise,I will share with you time tested and real life methods of overcoming laziness. 
Stop saying it,instead do it
Most people are in the habit of mouthing beautiful things, they can build a mansion with their mouth, they are in the habit of planning, but they will never stand up to do something, people in this category don’t achieve much in life. If you want to productive, stop saying things with your mouth instead take action. When you start something, you get to know more and gain more experience,most importantly you get yourself out of the world of “mouthers” (don’t mind my vocabulary)
When we commit ourself to something, we tend to give it all it takes, when we are committed to something,we do everything in our capacity to achieve it,self-dedication is a powerful tool we can use to overcome laziness, so if you want to stop being lazy, make that decision that you don’t want to be a lazy person, write it down, because by writing we tend to remember things,and most importantly honor your own words, there is no usefulness in saying something and not doing it.
One of the biggest mistake we make in life is that we think we have time. Time is so invaluable,it is priceless,we can’t buy or own it but we can’t use it.I realized there is one major difference between successful and unsuccessful, between the rich and the poor, between the highly achieving and “just” achieving people,they all get 24hrs per day but the difference between them is that, the way they utilize it differ.The value of time cannot be overemphasized but if you want end laziness and be productive, you have to realize that time is invaluable, it is priceless and it waits for no man, so if you want to do something, start now because there is no time.
Stop Procrastinating
You’ve probably heard of this times without number,excessive procrastination in simple terms is not good, the bad effects cannot be underestimated, laziness may manifest in form of procrastination, it may be caused by decreased level of motivation,to overcome procrastinating, you have to get yourself off the ground, start whatever is it you want to do, break the whole task in to smaller chunk, this way it will be easier for you to get it done.
Setting goals
A goal is something that you want to achieve. ‘Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement’ – Brian Tracy. If you are lazy and you set goals, it won’t still make any difference because the habit of laziness won’t allow you to achieve it,you can only leverage on the power of goal setting after you have practiced step 1-4,one way I overcame laziness is by setting goals, and making peace with the decision that I must achieve it, look here is the advice DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF, instead make peace with the decision that you do not want to stay in your comfort zone, that you want to stop being lazy,that you really want to be productive, most importantly honor your own words.
Implementing these methods is a gradual process, but the most important part is to make that decision,these are practical methods that worked for me as well as many people,I believe some if not all should work for you to.

What do you think of these ideas, feel free to add your comments, I’d love to hear from my readers

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