9 smart habits that will boost your productivity and save time

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Habits are routine of behavior that are formed as a result of repeated actions, they are behavior that usually occur to us subconsciously. Since they mostly occur subconsciously, we don’t quickly take note of the quite visible effect it has on our life and day to day activities. In order to boost our productivity, we learn to inculcate the right practices as these become a habit over time, and move from being busy to being efficient.

Most times as a result of doing things over and over again, we don’t think much before doing them again. When we make the wrong habits our default habits, it has a direct effect how how we operate. The good news is that you can unlearn a bad habit.

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.”
― Charles Duhigg

Time is one of the most essential and invaluable luxury we get for free, we don’t buy it, but we own it. It’s priceless and that’s what makes it invaluable. Every human being on this planet get twenty-four hours per day and obviously we are more productive than one another.

In this post you will learn a few helpful tips on how to save time and boost your productivity.


  1. Morning hurdles
    One way to really get started in your day and ensure you save most of your time is to plan your day when you wake up. Cultivating the habit of planning your day, your tasks and organizing them in a to-do list is one way to save enormous amount of time.
    Personally, when I do this I enjoy my day because it saves me the stress of thinking “What am I going to do next?”. Spending the first few minutes of your day when you wake up is a proven strategy highly efficient people use to boost their productivity. I enjoy doing this a lot, just try it once and bet you will enjoy it too.
  2. Reduce your total working time
    Work expands to fill the amount of time available,this is according to the famous Parkinson’s law.
    In the 1950’s a man named Cyril Parkinson developed a theory that changed the way we manage time.His idea which he named the Parkinson’s law affected all kinds of administrative operations all around the world.
    Let’s say you have to work on a project that isn’t suppose to take more than two weeks, without a deadline you will probably spend more time because you have extra time available.
    However, let’s consider a scenario where you are given only two weeks to work on the project, within that space of time you will be more motivated to work harder because of the limited time you have as against the time where there is no deadline.
    Extra time delays productivity, it usually allows work take longer time than usual because there is time. Reducing your total work time is an amazing way in which you can boost your productivity.
  3. Organize your stuffs
    Are you in the habit of always scrambling around looking for your keys or a certain thing early in the morning when leaving for work or school( I was once guilty of this,lol!)
    You know that feeling especially when you have an important stuff to catch up with , this is literarily a time waster, here is a proposed solution a way I’ve been able to change the habit. Find a specific place to keep all your important stuffs, maybe in a corner of your room or on your desk where you can easily recover them whenever you need them, what’s really important here is consistency, always make sure to return them there when you are done with them.
  4. Desolve clutter
    A cluttered work area or home is one of the most effective productivity killer, clutter isn’t just messy to look at, it’s also a major disturber when you are trying to be productive. It causes distraction by creating neural competition which naturally grabs your attention and pulls it away from your work, this ruins concentration and takes it significantly longer for you to get a job done. So just spend a few minutes of your day organizing your home/work area and in that way when you sit down to work you can be as productive and efficient as possible.
  5. Track your chores
    Tracking chores by listing them either by writing them down or just taking note of them mentally and marking them each time you complete a tasks helps you lift off the burden of having to decide each time you complete a task the next thing to do, this also gives you a sense of fulfillment that motivates you to complete another and another, before you know it you would have finished all the tasks on the list.
  6. Internet restriction
    The internet is a big place with lots of interesting things and we could easily spend the whole day surfing through without getting tired. The internet is full of information, entertaining stuffs, lots of useful videos, movies, games and helpful articles like the one you are reading right now.
    With all these available to you at your finger tip, it’s really easy to be caught up in the trend, lose track of time and forget all about the important things you are to do because your brain is jumping from one short term reward to the next. Time supposed to be spent doing something worthwhile shouldn’t be used unproductively which is why it’s important to cultivate a habit of disciplining yourself on the amount of time you want to spend behind the screen surfing, this way you create time needed to focus on the important tasks.
  7. Do follow-up when you outsource tasks
    Any time you delegate a tasks to someone else, get in the habit of doing a follow up, whether it’s an email or phone call, just take some time to confirm whatever it is you just talked about, do this to save yourself a lot of time in the future.
    Imagine you just outsourced a task and you told them to get it done by tuesday and they thought friday , and when tuesday rose around the task isn’t even anywhere close to finish, suddenly you have to delegate a big amount of time to the project all because of a simple misunderstanding, to spare yourself from future stress, just dedicate a few minutes in the day to send a follow up.
  8. Tackle immediate issues
    It’s better off to tackle tasks immediately than to procrastinate, putting it off for the later time simply clutter your day with random busy works, which later becomes pressure on you. If it’s something you can do immediately just do it, immediate action is almost always the efficient strategy, that way you have one less thing to worry about as the day goes on.
  9. Do errands in batches
    Let’s say you want to withdraw from the ATM, go to the grocery store and the book store all located in a street, it won’t make sense for you to go to the ATM first, go back home and the go back to the grocery store, not only will you waste time, you will waste effort and incur extra costs too. Instead schedule the three to a particular time when you will be able to complete them at once easily, this strategy takes less time and free up your day to do other productive things.


Let me know which one you’ve been implementing and which you will add to the list using the comment section below.

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